Foods to avoid- the basics

The first information I was given about what food to avoid was by my doctor and included the following:

Aged cheeses
Anything Fermented (this includes many more foods than one might think such as: coffee, black tea, vinegar, and wine)
Cured meats (Salami, ham, pepperoni, etc.)
Dried foods (some claim this includes dried herbs and spices but I have not researched yet)
Most canned foods (this is because the preservative used in most canned foods is yeast or yeast derived. Look for yeast, yeast extract or “citric acid” as this used to be citrus derived but for some reason is now actually a yeast derived product)
Citric Acid- this is a biggie. As stated above its found in most canned foods, but also in most carbonated beverages. NOTE: Fresh Express salads recently change from a chlorine wash to a citric acid wash!! I wrote to the company and confirmed this information. DO NOT EAT!
Milk (enriched milk, which you will find all store bought milk is, has yeast) Some soy and rice milks are also beginning to enrich their products so check the labels carefully!
Enriched Items, the reason enrich items like milk or enriched flour have yeast is because the vitamins they use, specifically the B vitamins, are processed with yeast. Check your vitamins!! If your vitamins do not say “YEAST FREE” then get rid of them, they have yeast.

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