I started this blog because I was diagnosed with a food allergy to yeast and quickly became confused. At first I thought “no problem, bread and beer, I can do without those” but little did I know what this diagnosis really meant. If you are unfortunate enough to have a yeast allergy than you know what I mean. Yeast is in just about everything and worse is all the confusion, misinformation, and down right arguing about what does and does not have yeast. When searching you will find lots of information about Candida and the Candida Diet. It’s NOT the same thing. Yeast allergy is a histamine response to the protein in yeast. Your immune system is actually reacting to the yeast protein and can cause an array of awful symptoms. Candida is an overgrowth of active yeast in your system but not with the histamine or immune response. The main difference in the types of food available is that you are not allergic to sugar but the Candida Diet eliminates all sugars. Also, I have noticed some foods on the Candida Diet that do in fact contain yeast. So this blog is going to be loaded with all the information I find out about yeast allergy and my research as I try to clear up all these misconceptions as best I can.

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