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Going Out

Starbucks: the only thing I have found that I can order at Starbucks is a Matcha Water. Its their Matcha tea powder and water instead of milk and no simple syrup. (They normally use this powder for their Matcha green tea lattes which comes made with milk and simple syrup) Now you can not have the milk or the simple syrup and that means that they can not charge you for a latte. Starbucks policy is no milk=no latte pricing. Means your 16 oz (grande) Matcha Water will cost you less than a buck and they ALL carry it in store. Even the tiny ones in the mall. The trick is to order with cold water steamed. Now they may look at you funny first

Jack in the box: regular fries and grilled chicken


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Fermented Foods and Alternatives

Here is a running list of things I have discovered to be fermented and therfore a big no-no: I’ve provided alternatives I like if one was found

Vinegar – and yes this means anything containing vinegar! Mayo, mustard, ketchup, salad dressings, soy sauces, basically all your condiments are out. Sorry, no alternatives I like yet except fresh squeezed lemon juice, salt pepper and maybe garlic salt or garlic powder


Coffee- alternatives: roasted chicory, love this stuff but it has no caffeine otherwise super close to coffee. I take a caffeine pill equivalent to a cup of coffee with it to get that missing boost. Note that it’s 10 x stronger because it’s more water soluble than coffee. I use 1 tablespoon in a 12 cup coffee brewer and that works for me but I like strong c so it might even be too much. also you use less AND it’s way cheaper than coffee, BONUS

Black Tea- alternatives: green tea, herbal teas, and white teas should be ok unless your going with the whole “nothing dried” idea. Matcha is really good for you and supports your metabolism like no other green tea. It’s not fermented and freeze dried to form a powder so it’s thicker/creamier than tea. See my “going out” section for info on ordering at Starbucks (hint: get used to “special requests” because you can almost never order a la cart again… Even at Starbucks)

Wine- alternatives: vodka

Truvia (artificial sweetner that is a mix of Steevia and FERMENTED FRUIT)- alternatives: Splenda or equal

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